Sometimes you just have to get out on the water for some fun. This day we were catching brown trout, coho salmon, and skamania salmon.

Custom designed and hand painted crank baits fromEvilution Lures LLC. They run true and are loud to attract the fish.

Derek Akin Fishing onYoutube.com

A proper dry suit can save your life in cold water conditions. Be sure to contact a local NRS dealer or a online retailer, to view their latest products.

​A photo review of 2015

September, 2015

Weigh in photo at the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series Tournament in Manitowiac, Wisconsin.

On Lake Michigan, practicing deep water re-entry. This is a

life saving technique that every kayaker should know.

Some of the anglers coming back from a tough day of fishing in a local tournament.


Sometimes you just have to take a moment and enjoy the view.

Who's ready for the ice season to begin? With it fast approaching, be sure to start checking your gear to ensure that everything is properly working.


Follow my fishing adventures from shore, boat, ice and in mykayak. Fishing is my passion. While kayaking has opened a new door into the sport for me. I enjoy teaching others how to appreciate the sport I have come to embrace. Follow my upcoming Tournament Schedule and Appearance dates on here.

Adventure Technology Oracle Angler Paddle Review

Ready to head to hit the tournament trail with my WILDERNESS SYSTEMS RIDE 115x.

FISH ON!!! A fisherman's two favorite words.​