My "Pa", the man who taught me my love for the outdoors.

Starved Rock State Park

Fishing at home.

2015 Heroes On the Water Chicagoland Chapter Co-Founder

2016 Kayak Angler Choice Awards- Angler Of the Year Nominee

2016 Kayak Angler Choice Awards- Blog Of the Year Nominee

2016 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship Qualifier

2016 Kayak Bass Fishing Kentucky Lake Open

2017 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship Qualifier

2017 Kayak Bass Fishing Trail Series

​2017 Great Lakes Kayak Fishing TOP 10 Angler Of the Year

​2017 Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series Manitowoc 1st Place

​2018 KAYAK BASS FISHING National Championship Qaulifier



​    I have been fishing since I could hold a rod in my hand. Whether it be a local lake, river, or pond I could never spend too much time on the water. Some of my fondest memories are taking trips to Lake Pepin, Minnesota with my grandparents as a child. That is where I spent many hours learning my fishing techniques from my "pa". To this day I still fish with him every chance I get. I plan on passing my love of the outdoors to my son, the same way my grandpa did to all of us.

   I started fishing tournaments in the mid 2000's as a co-angler which took the sport to a whole new level for me. After taking some time away from tournaments to start a family, I started kayak fishing and found a whole new passion. I decided to re-enter the tournament series in the kayak world.

   My goal is to spread my passion for the outdoors and the sport of fishing with others, while teaching them to be a responsible and safe outdoorsman.